Cordless heating articles for the gastronomy

Are you ready for your winter terrace with 1.5 meters distance? Surprise your guests with wireless cushions in a corona-proof way.

A durable solution for your terrace

A cup of coffee in the gentle spring sunshine, a cool summer night or a glass of wine in autumn to end the summer. Your guests would love to sit outside all year round. And you would like to keep your terrace filled as long as possible.

Our heating pads have been specially developed for the catering industry and are very resistant and sustainable. We have thought of everything to make it as easy as possible for you and your guests. Our heated seat cushions will help you:

  • the ultimate service experience for your guests
  • higher number of full tables on your terrace
  • lower heating costs
  • safe & practical application for guests and employees
  • Improve your sustainable image

The unique concept of wireless Stoov heating.

Stoov heating pads work with infrared technology, whose heat rays penetrate your body. Now that your terrace is more spacious and the tables are further away from the heater, a heating pad is the ideal solution to keep your guests warm and comfortable for another round of drinks.

Better terrace occupancy
After 3 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we can safely say that Stoov really does have an impact on your terrace income, up to 15-20% more in spring and autumn is well heard feedback we have received from our partners. If you keep your guests warm, they will stay longer and keep your terrace full and active.

Earn your investment back quickly
Due to the additional occupancy of your terrace, you will earn your purchase price back in one season. And then we don't even talk about the enormous reduction in energy costs by switching to Stoov instead of heating.

Safe & easy
70% of our customers state that their customers purchase the cushions themselves from the billing system. This way you keep your guests warm and keep 1.5 m distance between each other. Let the winter terraces become full!

Our All-In-One patio heating solution

  • Heating time 2.5 to 6 hours (depending on the heating level)
  • Plug & Play, no installation required
  • Washable covers
  • Heated seat cushion 40x40x4 cm
  • High quality Sunbrella outer covers

Thousands of patio seats already have a Stoov heating pad to keep guests warm in a safe and sustainable way. Our customers in the hospitality industry have been telling us for years that they are very satisfied with our heating pads. Guests ask for Stoov, the terrace is occupied longer and the energy costs are almost zero.

Discover our wide range of wireless heating pads and heated seat cushions. Would you like to experience and try the heating experience first or would you like to have a mix of different products on your terrace? Take a look at our USB heating products.

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Where can I already enjoy the warmth of Stoov?

Stoov is the leading heating pad manufacturer from the Netherlands. Every day we warm up hundreds of guests. Guests who enjoy your hospitality with the pleasant warmth of our heating pads.