Frequently asked questions and answers

How long does a fully charged battery last?

Depending on the set heating level (low, medium, highest level), a fully charged battery provides between 4 and 6 hours of heating energy.

What is the service life of the battery?

The battery has a service life of at least 400 charging processes

How warm do the products get?

The heating elements in our products become warm between 35° and 55° Celsius, depending on the set heating level (low, medium, highest level).

How are the products cleaned?

The products can be easily cleaned with water, mild soap and a cloth or sponge. This will not damage the internal technology.

How can the battery be charged?

The battery can be charged with the 220V charger supplied with the product at an electrical outlet or with a 12V car charger in the car. Both are available as accessories.

What exactly is infrared heat, how does it work?

IR-C infrared light is a heat spectrum emitted by the sun, which is not harmful to humans, unlike UV light. On the contrary, the healing IR-C light or FIR light is used for therapeutic and health-promoting purposes. The FIR light also corresponds to human body heat and is therefore particularly well tolerated and pleasant.

Is it possible to buy rechargeable batteries?

An additional battery as a replacement can be ordered separately as an accessory.

How long does the battery need to be fully charged?

To be fully charged, the high-performance battery needs 4 hours.

Can the battery be charged with 12V?

No, due to the different voltage ratios, the battery can only be charged with the supplied cable.

Can I charge and heat at the same time?

No. In order for the products to be heated as usual, the battery must not be charged at the same time.