Back Up - Product description

Our all-rounder among the products.

Due to its soft workmanship and flexibility it adapts to every seat and surface, be it on cold days on hard plastic seats in the stadium, warming in the wheelchair or flexible as a seat pad in nature. It can also be used as a warming double seat or as a warming underlay in a sleeping bag. Due to its soft padding, the Bottom Heater is a comfortable seat pad even without a warming function. With its loops it can be carried as a bag. And with an implemented side pocket it is the ideal companion for every occasion.

Just like all our products, the Bottom Heater is heated with wireless, innovative infrared heat, which in addition to the warming function also has a health-promoting effect*. The Bottom Heater is made of water-repellent material and can be used on damp, snowy and wet seating surfaces. Moisture, bending or rolling cannot harm the internal technology.

Note: The Bottom Heater requires a backrest; the seat itself has no back support. The advantage is that it can also be used as a kind of mat.

  • Up to 5 hours of mobile heat for buttocks and back
  • Can be used as a double seat or warming pad in the sleeping bag when folded
  • Ideal on hard plastic seats in the stadium, in a wheelchair or in nature
  • Innovative infrared technology provides pleasant and health-promoting heat
  • Water-repellent and washable and can therefore be used on damp seating surfaces. Wetness, buckling or rolling cannot harm the internal technology
  • With practical carrying straps and implemented side pocket a super companion
  • A powerful Combo 7.4V & 5V Lithium-Polymer Powerbank supplies energy for up to 5 hours depending on the heating level. Since the Powerbank has an additional USB port, it can also be used to charge other devices. It has a lifetime of at least 400 charging cycles.
  • Capacity: blue (46°C; 5h), green (51°C; 3.5h), red (58°C; 2.5h)
  • Dimensions: 4 x 40 x 40 cm
  • Scope of delivery: Bottom Heater, Powerbank
  • Weight: 845 g (incl., Powerbank)
  • Available in black
  • Guarantee: 2 years Bottom Heater, 1 year Powerbank

* For further information please see our infrared technology details
! NOTE ! : Do not store the product rolled up when switched on. Heat accumulation possible!
! NOTE ! Our infrared heat radiation is equivalent to the human body. Therefore the perception can vary depending on room temperature or physical Befinden