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11 benefits of infrared heat



We often refer to health as a physical state of the body, forgetting that the mind controls that body and its well-being. Infrared heat deeply affects our mind and body. Here are some benefits of infrared heat therapy. The far-infrared heat relieves nervous tension and relaxes the muscles. This translates into our body producing greater healing capacity. FIR heat therapy reduces pain in nerve endings and muscle spasms.


  1. Relaxation of the mind

Infrared heat and therapies such as sauna therapy promote a comforting environment for your body to relax. Once the mind is relaxed, it releases chemicals such as cortisol, a hormone that reduces stress, relaxing the tension in both the body and the mind.

  1. Improved circulation

Infrared heat increases core body temperature, stimulating continuous blood flow from the heart in and around the body. Improved circulation allows a higher level of fresh oxygen and other nutrients to reach vital organs, removing carbon dioxide and other waste substances away from these organs, improving their functions helping them perform better and feel healthier.

  1. Muscle recovery

Stimulating blood flow helps exhausted muscles recover quickly and reduces pain from inflammation and exercise. Infrared heat releases a chemical called nitric oxide that stimulates circulation and the movement of good nutrients and fresh oxygen to sore muscles. Infrared heat has also been linked to the improvement and relief of joint aches, pains, and arthritis symptoms.

  1. Fights the tightening immune system

Infrared heat lamps and infrared lights provide all the benefits of healthy sunlight without the detriment of sun exposure. Far infrared studies have shown that the subtle heating of the body from the core increases the production of white blood cells improving our ability to fight disease and strengthen our immune system.

  1. Sweat Out 

Infrared red heat penetrates deep into the body and increases the core body temperature. This increase in heat improves the natural heart rate, increasing the metabolic rate within the body. This boost increases the removal of waste products and other toxic substances, as well as breaking down fat and cellulite.

  1. Healthier Skin

Infrared heat prevents the air from drying out, so the moisture on the skin remains.

This helps soothe eczema. It has also been used to treat various skin diseases such as psoriasis, abscesses, hot flashes, bumps, acne, bleeding, pale or gray, rashes, inflammation, among others that help us to slow down the aging process.



  1. Weight Loss

Infrared heat treatment helps us increase the rate of our metabolism, which will help us burn calories. For example, the use of far infrared in a sauna means that hours after having completed the sauna session, our metabolism maintains a high rate. At 42º, the body fat becomes soluble in water, and then the body starts to get rid of fat, toxins, and metals through sweat, which can be translated into about 800 calories burned in a single sauna session. When we sweat, we require the burning of about 0.586 kcal per 1 g of sweat. Our body can safely burn about 300 calories in a single 30-minute session, which is equivalent to running 10 or 15 km.

  1. Less Stress More Relaxation

Infrared heat relieves nervous tension and helps us relax muscles. This helps our body to produce more healing capabilities. FIR heat treatment decreases pain from nerve endings and muscle spasms.

  1. Less allergies and respiratory problems

Infrared heaters do not rely on air circulation to transfer heat through the room, which translates into less movement and transfer of dust particles, pollutants, pollen, among others.

By reducing air circulation, we reduce asthma attacks, respiratory conditions, among other allergies. They have also been used to treat bronchitis or nasal congestion, as it reduces inflammation and swelling.

  1. Detoxification

Far Infrared Heat Treatment is excellent for detoxification. Since the FIR treatment of clogged capillaries causes infrared heat to expand them and then begins the process of dissolving these toxins. The far infrared promotes the elimination of fats, chemicals, toxins in the blood, fluid retention or chronic fatigue.


  1. Healthy heart

Infrared treatments increase the flow in our joints but without raising blood pressure. This makes our body much better cardiovascular. In addition, as we have written previously, it helps us lose weight and sugar, this helps us reduce diabetes or cholesterol, among other diseases.


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